Our primary objective is to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve customer service. From a corporate standpoint, one of the most important facets of our fleet is the technological capabilities. We have vehicles adapted for ADR transport, refrigerated trucks and vehicles with loading lifts. Our drivers are long-time experts in this buisness, thanks to that we know that our customers can trust us, and let us take care of the rest. We developed the fleet managment platform TFT CONNECT, where we have acces to the hauliers from all over the europe, this allows us to manage our fleet more effectively and reduce the costs. Our fleet can provide a full range of air, ocean and ground freight options, all with expedited capabilities. We are known as ‘the uncommon carrier’ because we are fanatical about customer service, our customer cargo will arrive on time, and be transported and unloaded safely.


Our fleet is managed through our internal system application: TFT CONNECT, which we developed to increase the trucks efficiency. On this platform, we connect our own trucks with our subcontractors and hauliers from other region. Thanks to this system we can make ideal response time on all needs in all over the europe. Below, You can see example of our trucks avaibility.


Box Sprinter - 5 EP

Plane Sprinter - 8 EP

Plane Sprinter - 10 EP

Tautliner Standard - 33 EP

Jumbo - 38 EP

MEGA - 34 EP

Shipment Tracking

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Using Shipment Tracking service, you can see exactly what stage of its travel your shipment is on, from the moment you submit , to the time when it is delivered.​

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We give the opportunity to establish permanent cooperation with our company on favorable terms! those are attributes that make us different:

  • Confidence - when accepting an order, we always complete the transaction and complete the contract, regardless of costs or losses.
  • Quality - we provide the best quality of service from the customer's perspective, in every aspect of our business - from forwarder to accounting.
  • Security - as our client you can be sure that we will do everything in our power to fulfill our commitment and help in the event of unexpected problems.
  • Honesty - our client can be sure that he will never be cheated. We follow the principles of fair play.
  • Help - we always help our clients without leaving them alone, even if from a legal point of view we are not obliged to help, we are available.
  • Flexibility - we are always looking for a solution, we are creative and open to various ideas, nothing is impossible for us.
  • Price attractiveness - thanks to the high quality of our work and processes in the company, we are able to offer our clients an attractive price, competitive with the offer of other forwarding companies.

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