Benefit from our extensive experience and expertise. Let us provide you with comprehensive advice on setting up a logistics plan. We help you with logistics issues, take care of the specific development and implementation of your plan and much more. We are also happy to analyse and evaluate existing processes and freight costs. TFT Logistic as a profession of freight forwarder lies at the heart of any logistics projects. we have experienced in all aspects of this discipline with import and export services. We work with our emphasis strength in order to provide our customers with full-scale value-added services for their optimum management and distribution. We are committing to our team members in exploring their individual potentials and honing their skills to make us globally competitive.


TFT helps your company convert shipping and logistics into competitive advantage. Whether you need to transport products across town or around the world, we understand the challenges you’re up against, and we have the experience and technology to develop efficient transportation solutions that cost-effectively expand your company’s reach.

Shipment Tracking

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Using Shipment Tracking service, you can see exactly what stage of its travel your shipment is on, from the moment you submit , to the time when it is delivered.​

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We give the opportunity to establish permanent cooperation with our company on favorable terms! those are attributes that make us different:

  • Confidence - when accepting an order, we always complete the transaction and complete the contract, regardless of costs or losses.
  • Quality - we provide the best quality of service from the customer's perspective, in every aspect of our business - from forwarder to accounting.
  • Security - as our client you can be sure that we will do everything in our power to fulfill our commitment and help in the event of unexpected problems.
  • Honesty - our client can be sure that he will never be cheated. We follow the principles of fair play.
  • Help - we always help our clients without leaving them alone, even if from a legal point of view we are not obliged to help, we are available.
  • Flexibility - we are always looking for a solution, we are creative and open to various ideas, nothing is impossible for us.
  • Price attractiveness - thanks to the high quality of our work and processes in the company, we are able to offer our clients an attractive price, competitive with the offer of other forwarding companies.

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